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A curated list of of Free, Libre and Open Source educational games.

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Program License Summary
2048 MIT Online puzzle game.
9P GPLv2.0 Android word puzzle game.
AKFQuiz GNU GPLv3.0 Make your own quizzes.
Alice and Storytelling Alice BSD 2 clause Alice is an innovative 3D programming environment that makes it easy to create an animation for telling a story, playing an interactive game or a video to share on the web.
Anagramarama and fork GNU GPLv2.0 Educational game for finding anagrams.
Anagramica MIT Online word game for finding anagrams.
Anki GNU GPLv3.0 Anki is a program which makes remembering things easy.
Asymptopia Crossword Builder GNU GPLv2.0 Asymptopia Crossword Builder is a JavaScript education application that runs in any modern internet browser but does not require an internet connection.
Atomix GNU GPLv2.0 Atomix is a puzzle game where you move atoms to build a molecule.
Brainjogging GNU GPLv3.0 App to train you brain with mini games for Android and IOS.
Caph Game GNU GPLv3.0 Sandbox game based on physics.
Childsplay GNU GPLv2.0 Childsplay is a suite of educational games for young children similar to gcompris.
comistat Games Collection GNU GPLv2.0 Comisat Games Collection is an all-in-one free collection of games.
Connectagram GNU GPLv3.0 Word unscrambling game.
Cutemaze GNU GPLv3.0 Maze game.
cwordle MIT Wordle clone for Unix and Windows terminals in C.
Dual N-Back Lite GNU GPLv3.0 Designed to mimic the simple training scheme outlined in Jaeggi's paper on developing working memory.
eduActiv8 GNU GPLv3.0 eduActiv8 is a free Open Source multi-platform educational application that aims to assist in learning various early education topics - from learning the alphabet and new words, colours, time to a wide range of math-related subjects.
Everything Attacks and source GNU GPLv3 and CC Online geography game.
fltkmm GNU GPLV3.0 FLTK Mastermind is a simple logic game.
Follow Me MIT Online memory game.
Forkyz GNU GPLv3.0 Displays and lets you play crossword puzzles in a variety of formats on Android.
Grabagram GNU GPLv3.0 Android anagram game to play online with friends.
Graphwar GNU GPLv3.0 or later Graphwar is an artillery game in which you must hit your enemies using mathematical functions.
Games for French pre-school GNU GPLv2.0 Games for French pre-school including memory, letters falling, puzzle, labyrinth, letters & number, domino, counting, etc.
Garith GNU LGPLv2.1 A game to improve your arithmetic abilities.
GCompris GNU GPLv3.0 GCompris is an educational software suite comprising of numerous activities for children aged 2 to 10.
Gridle GNU GPLv3.0 Android word game to move letters in the grid to make a gridle of words.
Gurgle GNU GPLv3.0 Android word game to guess a word.
Hexalate GNU GPlv3.0 Color matching game.
Hextris GNU GPLv3.0 Online puzzle game inspired by Tetris.
How Many Blocks? GNU LGPLv2.1 Challenge the limit of your 3D imagination.
jMemorize GNU GPLv2.0 jMemorize is a free Open Source Java application that manages your learning processes by using flashcards and the famous Leitner system.
Johnny GNU GPLv3.0 A Simulator of a Simple von-Neumann Computer.
Kanatest GNU GPLv3.0 Kanatest is a Japanese kana (Hiragana and Katakana) simple flashcard tool.
Kumquats GNU GPLv3.0 Android and desktop word game where you place letters to create intersecting words as quickly as possible.
Learning Basic on Mars GNU GPLv3.0 Simple missions to teach BASIC in a fun setting.
Lexica GNU GPLv3.0 App (for Android) to find words in a grid within a time limit.
libpuz GNU GPLv2.0 Library for accessing puzzle files (.puz).
Light Speed! GNU LGPLv2.1 Light Speed! is an OpenGL-based program developed to illustrate the effects of special relativity on the appearance of moving objects.
LMastermind GNU GPLv2.0 Online mastermind game.
LMemory GNU GPLv2.0 Online memory game.
LPairs GNU GPLv2.0 Classic memory card game.
MasterMindy MIT Android version of mastermind game.
MathWar GNU GPLv2.0 Game for improving speed at solving math problems.
Mnemosyne GNU GPLv2.0 Mnemosyne software resembles a traditional flash-card program.
Multiplication Station GNU GPLv2.0 Multiplication Station will teach your child to add, subtract and multiply.
Multiverse MMO Development Platform MIT Create your own sophisticated virtual world with little or no programming experience.
Munchers GNU GPLv2.0 A number munchers clone.
The Number Race GNU GPLv2.0 Software designed for remediation of dyscalculia (or mathematical learning disabilities) in children aged 4-8 and for teaching number sense in kindergarten children.
Nootka GNU GPLv3.0 Nootka is a program to learn classical score notation. It helps to understand the rules of reading and writing scores and develops skills for playing and singing notes.
Open Ear MIT Ear training app for Android and IOS.
OpenTeacher GNU GPLv3.0 OpenTeacher is an open source vocabulary training application that helps you learn a foreign language.
Peg-e GNU GPLv3.0 Peg elimination game.
Pendumito GNU GPLv2.0 Web based hangman game.
Performous GNU GPLv2.0 A music game for singing (pitch detection), Karaoke, instrument playing and dancing.
Photo Puzzle MIT Put photo pieces in order.
President Matchup GNU GPLv2.0 Game to learn about US Presidents.
PrimeShooter GNU GPLv2.0 Abstract browser based shooter game where the player shoots falling numbers with their divisors and scores points for clearing prime numbers.
QeoDart GNU GPLv3.0 Geography education game.
Scalar GNU GPLv2.0 Puzzle game.
Scrabble3D GNU GPLv3.0 Scrabble3D is a highly customizable Scrabble game that not only supports Classic Scrabble and Superscrabble but also 3D games and own boards. You can play local against the computer or connect to a game server to find other players.
Scratch MIT Scratch is a programming language that makes it easy to create your own interactive stories, animations, games, music and art and share your creations on the web.
ScratchJr BSD 3 clause Scratch redesigned for mobile devices.
Simsu GNU GPLv3.0 Sudoku game.
Spotter GNU GPLv2.0 Web based math and science quiz program.
Starlanes GNU GPLv2.0 or later Space trading game
Sudoku GNU LGPLv2.0 Sudoku game from FLTK test directory.
Tanglet GNU GPLv3.0 Boggle variant.
Tangomon GNU GPLv3.0 or later A monster battling game that can help with learning vocabulary.
Terminalmath GNU GPLv2.0 A textmode math practice game for school-level children that talks via eSpeak.
Tetzle GNU GPLv3.0 Jigsaw puzzle that uses tetrominoes.
toMOTko GNU GPLv2.0 A flashcard application for learning foreign language vocabulary.
TuxMath GNU GPLv2.0 TuxMath is an arcade game that helps kids practice their math facts.
TuxMathScrabble GNU GPLv2.0 TuxMathScrabble is a math version of the classic word game Scrabble which challenges kids to construct compound equations and to consider multiple abstract possibilities.
TuxTyping GNU GPLv2.0 Tux Typing is an educational typing tutor for children.
TuxWordSmith GNU GPLv2.0 TuxWordSmith is an all in one application! It's similar to the classic word game Scrabble, but with Unicode support for multiple languages.
UltraStar Deluxe LGPLv2.1 Karaoke music game that can help improve pitch.
Word Search Puzzle Generator MIT Python program to generate a word search puzzle from a word file.
Wordle CC0v1.0 C library for wordle games and sample implementation.
WordPlay GNU GPLv2.0 Games for improving anagram and scrabble skills.
XWord GNU GPLv3.0 Interactive crossword solving program.
xwords4 and more source GNU GPLv2.0 Portable implementation of the rules of scrabble for mobile devices, Linux and Windows.


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