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A curated list of apps, for mobile and desktop, for accessing accounts in the Fediverse network (based on ActivityPub).


Client apps

The applications in the table below are listed in alphabetic order. A :ghost: emoji in "License/language" column indicates that the code project has been inactive for over a year, or is officially abandoned.

Client Supported Server Software Supported Platforms License/Language
AndStatus ActivityPub C2S,, Mastodon, GNU social Android Apache-2.0, Kotlin
B4X Mastodon Android, iOS Apache-2.0, FreeBasic
Bitlbee Mastodon Mastodon Bitlbee/IRC GPL 2.0/LGPL 2.1, C :ghost:
Brutaldon Mastodon, Pleroma Web AGPL-3.0, Python
Cuckoo Mastodon Web MIT, Vue/Typescript :ghost:
Dudu Mastodon Android, iOS MIT, Dart
DOStodon Mastodon MS-DOS, FreeDOS, Win9x MIT, Javascript
Ebou Mastodon Web GPL-3.0, Rust
feathr Mastodon Android, iOS AGPL-3.0, Dart
Fedi Mastodon, Pleroma Android, iOS AGPL-3.0, Dart :ghost:
Fedibase Mastodon, Pleroma, Misskey (experimental) Web, PWA GPL-3.0, TypeScript
FediFox Shield Mastodon Web CNPLv7, Javascript
Fedilab Mastodon, Pleroma, Peertube, GNU Social, Friendica, Pixelfed Android GPL-3.0, Java
Fedilab Lite Mastodon, Pleroma, Peertube, GNU Social, Friendica, Pixelfed Android GPL-3.0, Java :ghost:
Fedistar Mastodon, Pleroma Web GPL-3.0, Typescript
Feditext Mastodon, Glitch, GotoSocial, Firefish, Akkoma iOS GPL-3.0, Swift
Friendiqa Friendica Android, Linux GPL-3.0, QML
Gomphotherium Mastodon Linux-CLI GPL-3.0, Go
Halcyon Mastodon, Pleroma Web AGPL-3.0, PHP
Husky Mastodon, Pleroma Android GPL-3.0, Kotlin
Hyperspace Mastodon Linux, MacOS, Windows, Web NPL-4.0, Typescript 1
IceCubesApp Mastodon iOS Apache-2.0, Swift
ikuradon Mastodon, Misskey, Pleroma Android, iOS AGPL-3.0, Typescript
iMast Mastodon iOS Apache-2.0, Swift
Jerboa Lemmy Android AGPL-3.0, Kotlin
Kaiteki Misskey, Pleroma, Mastodon Linux, Web, Windows AGPL-3.0, Dart
Kimis Misskey iOS, macOS ISC-License, Swift
Liftoff Lemmy Android, Linux, Windows GPL-2.0, Dart
lem.el Lemmy Emacs GPL-3.0, Emacs Lisp
Lemmur Lemmy Android, Linux, Windows GPL-2.0, Dart :ghost:
lemmyBB Lemmy Web AGPL-3.0, Rust
Lemoa Lemmy Linux GPL-3.0, Rust
Lemonade Lemmy Linux MIT, Python
Leomard Lemmy macOS GPL-3.0, Swift
loris GoToSocial, Mastodon Android, iOS, Linux, MacOS, Windows, Web CNPLv7, Dart 1
Lunar Lemmy iOS GPL-3.0, Swift
Macstodon Mastodon Classic MacOS MIT, Python
MastApple//c Mastodon Apple //c and e GPL-3.0, C
masto9 Mastodon, GoToSocial 9front MIT, C
mastodon.el Mastodon, Pleroma, GoToSocial Emacs GPL-3.0, Emacs Lisp
Mastodon Android Mastodon Android GPL-3.0, Java
Mastodon 3.11 For Workgroups Mastodon Windows 95 and higher Apache-2.0, Visual Basic
Mastodon iOS Mastodon iOS GPL-3.0, Swift
Mastonaut Mastodon macOS GPL-3.0, Swift
Mastotron Mastodon Linux, MacOS, Windows GPL-3.0, Javascript
MastoVue++ Mastodon Web MIT, Vue
Megalodon Mastodon Android GPL-3.0, Java
Megalodon (Rust) Mastodon, Pleroma Android Apache-2.0, Rust
Megalodon (Typescript) Mastodon, Misskey, Pleroma Android MIT, Typescript
Memmy Lemmy Android, iOS AGPL-3.0, Typescript
Metatext Mastodon iOS GPL-3.0, Swift
Milktea Misskey, Mastodon Android GPL-3.0, Kotlin
Miria Misskey Android, iOS AGPL-3.0, Dart
MissCat Misskey iOS Apache-2.0, Swift
MissLI Misskey Web MIT, Svelte
MissRirica Misskey Android, iOS AGPL-3.0, Swift
Mlem Lemmy iOS GPL-3.0, Swift
mobilizon-minimal-frontend Mobilizon Web GPL-3.0, Vue
Mousetodon Mastodon Android AGPL-3.0, Java :ghost:
Nomad Hubzilla Android GPLv3, Java :ghost:
Nemmy Lemmy Web Custom copyleft license, Typescript 1
Otter Funkwhale Android MIT, Kotlin
P2Play PeerTube Android GPL-3.0, Kotlin
Pachli Mastodon Android GPL-3.0, Kotlin
Phanpy Mastodon Web MIT, Javascript
Pinafore Mastodon Web AGPL-3.0, Javascript :ghost:
PSkey Misskey Android, Web MIT, Typescript
PixelDroid Pixelfed Android GPL-3.0, Kotlin
Relatica Friendica Android, iOS, Linux, MacOS, Windows MPL-2.0, Dart
Remmel Lemmy iOS MIT, Swift
Resin Pixelfed Android, iOS GPL-3.0, Javascript
Semaphore Mastodon Web AGPL-3.0, Javascript :ghost:
Sengi Mastodon, Pleroma Linux, Mac, Web, Windows AGPL-3.0, Typescript
Simplodon Mastodon Web EPL-1.0, Javascript
Slemmy Lemmy Web AGPL-3.0, Svelte
TheDesk Mastodon, Misskey Linux, MacOS, Windows GPL-3.0, Javascript
Thorium PeerTube Android AGPL-3.0, Kotlin
Tinmop Mastodon, Pleroma Linux, BSD GPL-3.0+, Common Lisp
Thunder Lemmy Android, iOS MIT, Dart
Tokodon Mastodon KDE Plasma, Plasma Mobile GPL-3.0, C++
Toot Mastodon Linux-CLI GPL-3.0, Python
Tooot Mastodon Android, iOS GPL-3.0, Typescript
Tootle Mastodon Linux GPL-3.0, Vala :ghost:
Tuba Mastodon Linux GPL-3.0, Vala
TubeLab PeerTube Android GPL-3.0, Java
Twidere Mastodon Android GPL-3.0, Kotlin :ghost:
Twitlatte Mastodon Android Apache-2.0, Kotlin :ghost:
Tusker Mastodon, Pleroma iOS -, Swift 1
Tusky Mastodon Android GPL-3.0, Kotlin
Vernissage Pixelfed iOS Apache-2.0, Swift
vim-mastodon Mastodon Vim MIT, vim
Voyager Lemmy Web AGPL-3.0, Typescript
Welcome to my place ActivityPods Web Apache-2.0, Javascript
Whalebird Mastodon, Pleroma, Misskey Linux, MacOS, Windows MIT, Vue/Typescript
Yuito Mastodon Android GPL-3.0, Kotlin
Zootdeck Mastodon, Pleroma Linux MIT, Zig

1 Not an accepted OSI or FSF approved open-source license.


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