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A curated list of server applications with support for the ActivityPub protocol (Fediverse network) and related standards.



Emoji's for each entry provide additional information on project status:

Social networks, Microblog Apps

Blog, Publishing, and Reading Apps

Media-hosting Apps

Events and Meetups

Files, Contacts, and Calendar Syncing Apps

Open data



Software development




Aside from project homepages and issue trackers, and comments made on the fediverse, the SocialWG has a list of projects they hoped would implement ActivityPub and links to issues where it's discussed. Also, there is an implementation report on @Mayel from created a web spreadsheet of AP apps and their characteristics. More projects using AP are profiled on We Distribute by Sean Tilley and his team. There are boards for discussing a range of AP implementations on the SocialHub forum. has a list of AP servers and client apps. The ActivityPub tag on GH is also a way to discover projects experimenting with AP.


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