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A curated list of Fediverse clients for accessing server applications based on the ActivityPub protocol and related standards.


Client apps

The applications in the table below are listed in alphabetic order. A 👻 emoji in "License/language" column indicates that the code project has been inactive for over a year, or is officially abandoned.

ClientSupported appsSupported PlatformsLicense/language
AndStatusActivityPub C2S,, Mastodon, GNU SocialAndroidApache-2.0, Kotlin
BrutaldonMastodon, PleromaWeb-basedAGPL-3.0, Python
CuckooMastodonWeb-based👻 MIT, Vue/Typescript
feathrMastodonAndroid, iOSAGPL-3.0, Dart
FediMastodon, PleromaAndroid, iOSAGPL-3.0, Dart
FedilabMastodon, Pleroma, Peertube, GNU Social, Friendica, PixelfedAndroidGPL-3.0, Java
Fedilab LiteMastodon, Pleroma, Peertube, GNU Social, Friendica, PixelfedAndroidGPL-3.0, Java
FriendiqaFriendicaAndroid, LinuxGPL-3.0, QML
GomphotheriumMastodonLinux-CLIGPL-3.0, Go
HalcyonMastodon, PleromaWeb-basedAGPL-3.0, PHP
HuskyMastodon, PleromaAndroidGPL-3.0, Kotlin
HyperspaceMastodonLinux, MacOS, Windows, Web-basedNPL-4.0, Typescript 1
JerboaLemmyAndroidAGPL-3.0, Kotlin
KaitekiMisskey, Pleroma, MastodonLinux, Web-based, WindowsAGPL-3.0, Dart
LemmurLemmyAndroid, Linux, WindowsGPL-2.0, Dart
lemmyBBLemmyWeb-basedAGPL-3.0, Rust
lorisGoToSocial, MastodonAndroid, iOS, Linux, MacOS, Windows, Web-basedCNPLv7, Dart 1
mastodon.elMastodonEmacsGPL-3.0, Emacs Lisp
Mastodon AndroidMastodonAndroidGPL-3.0, Java
Mastodon iOSMastodonAndroidGPL-3.0, Swift
MetatextMastodonAndroidGPL-3.0, Swift
MissCatMisskeyiOSApache-2.0, Swift
MousetodonMastodonAndroidAGPL-3.0, Java
NomadHubzillaAndroid👻 GPLv3, Java
OtterFunkwhaleAndroidMIT, Kotlin
P2PlayPeerTubeAndroidGPL-3.0, Kotlin
PinaforeMastodonWeb-basedAGPL-3.0, Javascript
PixelDroidPixelfedAndroidGPL-3.0, Kotlin
RemmelLemmyiOSMIT, Swift
ResinPixelfedAndroid, iOSGPL-3.0, Javascript
SengiMastodon, PleromaLinux, Mac, Web, WindowsAGPL-3.0, Typescript
ThoriumPeerTubeAndroidAGPL-3.0, Kotlin
TokodonMastodonKDE Plasma, Plasma MobileGPL-3.0, C++
TootMastodonLinux-CLIGPL-3.0, Python
ToootMastodonAndroid, iOSGPL-3.0, Typescript
TootleMastodonLinuxGPL-3.0, Vala
TubeLabPeerTubeAndroidGPL-3.0, Java
TwidereMastodonAndroidGPL-3.0, Kotlin
TwitlatteMastodonAndroidApache-2.0, Kotlin
TuskerMastodon, PleromaiOS-, Swift 1
TuskyMastodonAndroidGPL-3.0, Kotlin
Welcome to my placeActivityPodsWebApache-2.0, Javascript
WhalebirdMastodon, Pleroma, MisskeyLinux, MacOS, WindowsMIT, Vue/Typescript
ZootdeckMastodon, PleromaLinuxMIT, Zig

1 Not an accepted OSI or FSF approved open-source license.


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